About Irene McCabe


Irene McCabe is a Naturopathic Nutritionist, Food Intolerance Therapist, and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist supporting patients via nutritional support based around their main health care plans, or in the capacity of preventative medicine

Irene has been an Independant Nutritional and Metaphysical Researcher for over 35 years and is the former owner of a well known, internationally renowned, herbal medicine shop and clinic. After selling this business in July 2015 Irene moved to The Harvest Clinic where she practiced for four years until 30 August 2019.

She now currently practices in her own NEW clinic The Glasgow Naturopathy Clinic at 5 La Belle Place, Kelvingrove, Glasgow, G3 7LH based in Glasgow's West End and also consults internationally via Skype and Facetime calls.

Irene is a widely acclaimed healthcare speaker, writer, and newspaper columnist who uses a unique combination of modern techniques and ancient practices to help her clients achieve balance in mind, body, and spirit. Previously she had a column in the The Evening Times called The Natural Response.

Eating healthily can be complicated and we are often confused by conflicting health messages.  We are also all unique, and a one persons medicine, really can be another persons poison.  Studies show that people receiving personalised, tailored nutritional advice have better results, and develop better eating habits that can improve their physical, emotional and mental health.

Irene is a highly intuitive practitioner who combines an inner knowing with education and research. Her utopian dream is to one day see the coming together ancient and modern medicine.


Irene McCabe

When it comes to your health and healing Irene is not your regular complementary health care practitioner. She helps support patients who are presenting with NUMEROUS AILMENTS, in a very individual way by supporting patients around their main health care plans with an array of complementary therapies, combining science with intuition in order to help the body achieve balance. Make no assumptions to the use of this combination of modern and ancient medicine. Irene is very authentic, grounded and down to earth using perpetually updated, well researched knowledge. Irene says;

“This was never a job to me, it is a vocation."

Knowledge can arm people with all the right tools to stay health regardless of their means. Irene’s downtime is spent researching as this is her passion, or her calling. Her desire is to help educate her patients and furnish them with the tools they need to take control of their own health whether it is in a preventative capacity or to help support them in their quest to regain their health. She warmly embraces the concepts of Energy Medicine and Epigenetics and in effect the part that the mind, energy and emotions play in physical illness. This interest initially led to the study of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, the healing and relaxation techniques utilised in the practice of Reiki. After many years of helping people through Naturopathic Nutrition it became apparent that unless the mind and emotions were in sync with the body and one had "peace of mind" then nutrition alone could be limited.

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