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Irene is a miracle worker and a natural healer. You cant buy this stuff ! Worth every penny


Weight Loss

Irene almost 2 stone down and feeling better than I have in years and have stopped battling with my diet. So many things make sense since removing the foods you have advised from my diet. Weight has just fallen away. Thank You for all you support. So appreciated

Angela (2)


Just to let you know I'm feeling so much better Thanks to you !My hubby says every time I come back from seeing Irene I am so grounded and much calmer. Thank You lovely lady 



Hi Irene

In hope you are well. I attended an appointment with you in October, and I must say, I wish I had met you sooner!. My life has changed for the better now I know my triggers



Thank You so much again Irene. My hubby ordered everything and it all arrived the next day. Feeling so much better now and NO ANBIOTICS were required ! So grateful and I'm telling even more people about you now.



Irene, just a wee update. Sore throat totally gone. You are a wee wonder. Thanks so much again 


Psoriasis/Auto Immune

Got told off of 3 GP's and a consultant dermatologist, (was a bloody fortune), that I had an autoimmune skin disease with no hope of fixing it. Was so anxious, which made it worse. I went to visit Irene, followed her advice and after two weeks it's completely disappeared Like Completely !! My GP was absolutely gobsmacked as well !. For those who think there's only one way, give her a shout! She's a wizard!



I rave about you to everyone who will listen Irene. You are literally my angel and I cannot Thank You Enough !!



This girl is well worth a visit ! Worth every penny !



Irene just want to say, you changed my life, and I recommend you to everyone!



It was so lovely to see you and thanks for my stuff.

Just to confirm, my first blood test taken in October. Results came through end November. They were was 11! Anything over 7 is an indication of coeliac. My last blood test end of April was down to 4!! The dietician told me to keep doing what I'm doing !

Many Thanks for all your help Irene



Polymyalgia/Auto Immune

Wait for it !


Inflammatory markers down from 33 to 9!!


Woo Blinking Hoo!


Of course I'm attributing this to my dietery changes and supplements


Thank You again Irene for all your help 


Have a fab weekend





Irene literally saved my life. I adore her and with her help she stopped me from having to have have an operation



I used to work with Irene in Edinburgh Napier's, then when she had her own Napier's shop in Glasgow's West End. She is absolutely amazing at what she does. There is a huge link between what we put in our body and how we feel mentally and physically and she gets that




I just wanted to let you know how I am getting on, from visiting you back in July. Since I've started eating gluten free, I've had no sore stomachs, no bloating, and more regular bowel movements. Some days I don't have to even take the lemon juice in them morning . Thanks again Irene, for all your help and I have recommended you to so many


Toddler Help

Irene I still can't Thank You enough for the help we received from you for our son. This is a vital service, that should be up and running with the highest priority !



I saw Irene a few weeks ago. She was very thorough and packed an awful lot into my consultation, following up with a 15 page Healthy Eating Plan. She is definitely the real deal!



The amount of people I have personally known that this magnificent lady has helped, would blow your mind! She is one of the main reasons I became so obsessed with natural health and wellness. I met her for a reason. She's a superstar, but she doesn't charge like one. For a full consultation including potentially life changing dietary advice (never mind the above and beyond call of duty she adds into the mix) you just would never get this value for money anywhere else. Best investment you will ever make. Do It !



I can't thank Irene enough. This wonderful lady is compassionate and caring. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2018.  It's been about 6 weeks since I had the Food Intolerance Test, with intolerances to meat dairy, melon, apple. I was never very good with meat, only chicken.  For the last six weeks I eliminated these problem foods. Within a day my pain was next to nothing. After years of chronic pain  (I also have chrohns disease) I am now coming off strong meds with the guidance of my GP! I have lost 10lb in weight. I am absolutely over the moon. I wish I had met this wonderful woman sooner. Thank You Irene, you changed my life



Thank You Irene! I'm feeling so much better since I met you. My sister is coming over from San Fran and she wants to make an appointment with you in September. Thanks again Irene!



Everyone needs an Irene in their life! She is amazing !


Toddler Help

I really don't know how to express my gratitude to Irene. My son has been so unsettled since he was born. He has been waking every hour, screaming in pain. Unfortunately after numerous attempts through the NHS we were offered no support. We were told we should try controlled crying, as we were spoiling him. After meeting Irene there was an instant warmth, and empathy from her. That was the first time I saw a professional, show care and compassion to our son. She showed such amazing patience when testing him. We worked out he did indeed have intolerances. Irene advised what we should do going forward, and it has made such a difference. Day by day he got better and more settled. It's such a relief seeing our baby on the mend and not suffering pain. So Thank You so much Irene, for helping us through this, and finally giving us the answers we so desperately needed 



Cannot recommend Irene McCabe highly enough. So incredibly knowledgeable, down to earth, warm, funny and the voice of reason. It is amazing how a few wee changes can make a massive difference to your feeling of well being


Chronic Fatigue

I have followed your advise for chronic illness for 3 weeks to improve my health and in the process I have lost 6 pounds so far. Your wisdom is faultless. Will see you in a couple of months to learn even more from you

Angela (3)


I can honestly say Irene is amazing and definitely knows her stuff. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I'm sure you cant teach this stuff. She just gets it when it comes to healing and health care. I have reviewed Irene before and I will continue to do so to get the word out there. Everyone should know about this lady

Rosie (2)


I saw this wonderful lady last week for Nutritional Advice and Food Intolerance Testing and it was a totally enlightening experience. Not only did I find out some really interesting things, about what I should and shouldn’t eat but Irene’s knowledge and her unique holistic approach, which was tailored to suit me (because of course we are all individual and unique) was so precise and on the button. She is very thorough and caring and I would wholeheartedly recommend her. Make an appointment! You won’t regret it and the good news is I can still drink wine!



I can thoroughly recommend Irene as a wonderful therapist who has helped me get my digestion sorted. Cheers Irene !



Irene McCabe is leader in the field of Nutrition! I cannot recommend this lady highly enough!



Irene is a miracle worker! Worth every penny



I had reached the end of the line when I met Irene having tried anything and everything I jumped at the chance when she was recommended to me and have never looked back At last someone who understood and could look at me as a whole person. I have never felt better and I am now getting my life back. . Huge thanks Irene. You have a precious gift. Will definitely be back at some point for an MOT



I hope all is well with you and that everything is working out for you at The Harvest Clinic. I was singing your praises again today, sharing my story of how you've transformed my life by uncovering my lactose intolerance! It’s hard to believe it's a year ago this month since we met. Anyway, I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, in the hope that you can either help her
On another note, I caught up with young Lucy recently and she is doing really well since she saw you last August. She looks fantastic and is feeling great thanks to your expertise! Best wishes and many thanks again Irene!

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